Full Ship or Half Ship Charters

Have an Entire Ship at Your Command

Looking for an impressive, new and exciting venue to host your next corporate program?  A full ship charter is the ultimate in privacy, exclusivity and customization – offering a unique and lasting memory that will continue to motivate your employees or entertain your clients throughout the year and beyond.

We offer ships accommodating between 400 and 6,000 guests.

A full ship charter program offers an incomparable experience allowing optional customization of:

Ship’s itinerary
Shore excursion
Your name/logo on hull (not all ships)
Onboard activities & events
In stateroom television & public area broadcasts
Corporate décor throughout the ship
Logo food & beverage items
A variety of other logo items (photos, daily program, sea pass cards)

Cruising offers the highest satisfaction rate of all travel alternatives and an incredible value when compared to land-based hotels and resorts.

We consult and lobby capitol hill in Washington DC including other governments when needed for major events and financial affairs/funding including internal affairs consulting/investigations.  We work with the leading cruise lines in the world, including cruise lines that have come to us for expert advice that have not yet even started construction or have sailed yet. 

Our certified cruise line consultants also serve as a DMC (Destination Management Cruise Company) with excellent working relationships with the leading cruise lines in the world, and often we work hand in hand with the tourism authorities globally when we need to.   

We provide customized and affordable accommodation and hospitality packages designed for large groups and half cruise ship charters to full cruise ship charters worldwide.

With accreditations from MPI, Royal Caribbean Expert Plus Certified, Norwegian Specialist Gold Shield and Conde Nast Traveler, we are committed to providing our clients with an exceptional experience every time. Supporting our successful destination and event management capabilities is a highly qualified, dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about service and hospitality.


About Hotels at Sea™:  Hotels at Sea™ is a certified global cruise ship charter company.  We are a Cruise line charter and a Cruise Ship Destination Management Company certified and awarded as an official travel partner at the highest levels, by the world's leading cruise lines.  Hotels at Sea™ augments major sporting and other special events worldwide, especially where there is a lack of hotel space; docking our cruise ships at the events full time. This is ideal for event sponsors, companies associated with events, large groups or enthusiast organizations involved in any major events to include but not limited to the Olympics, Super Bowl, America’s Cup, World Cup, Corporate meetings & Conventions.  Hotels at Sea is THE choice for safety, comfort and value.  

Business to Business Consulting: 

We consult for cruise lines globally providing research on latest trends with actual field tests including political support.  If you are a cruise line needing expert political or cruise related advice, our experts provide mutual NDAs to help you with your latest top secret project.

Types of cruise ship charters:


World Cup

America's Cup of Sailing

Super Bowl

Ryder Cup

Corporate meetings or conventions
Product launches
Consumer promotions
Incentive programs
Trade shows
Corporate anniversaries

Concert cruises

Entertainment cruises

LGBT cruises

Government Relations

Emergency Relief Accommodations

Medical Care at Sea™

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