Shannon Hodges-Salahi, President of Hotels at Sea® & Resorts at Sea™ Mexico, Latin America & South America

Shannon is brother to Tareq Salahi, Founder & Chairman of the Board for Hotels at Sea® & Resorts at Sea™.  Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, his expertise in travel & tourism spans two decades.  He is currently a resident of Cancun, Mexico and married to Laura Raquel Rios Flores.

Laura Raquel Rios Flores, ESQ. was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco and serves as General Counsel for Hotels at Sea® & Resorts at Sea™ Mexico, Latin & South America. She is well known & loved amongst her peers & people of Mexico & Latin & South America.

She specialized in Tourism Technique and holds a degree in law.

She is married to Tareq's brother, Shannon Hodges-Salahi and live happily in the Cancun, Mexico region.

Laura is passionate about travel and reminds everyone that our lives are very precious and to enjoy it everyday.