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From the Olympics to the World Cup, the main issues are finding enough accommodations for hundreds of thousands to millions of guests that need safe accommodations at a value inclusive of F&B.  Contact us to set up your large groups or join one of our

co-op charters. If or when you are unable to fill a ship, you will work with our elite travel agency partner and sister company
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All inclusive charters, from 2 to 30 Million USD per ship/per week w/ 100 cabins to 2,500 cabins or cost-sharing available

About Hotels at Sea®:   Hotels at Sea® provides worldwide consulting services to cruise lines, cruise line event productions, marketing, special events, recruiting, advocation, government relations support, lobbying/legislative support on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, DMCs & entertainment support and is a global cruise line charter company offering financing to other charter organizations.   We are the top cruise line consulting firm in the world certified and awarded as expert travel partners at the highest levels, by the world's leading cruise lines offering internal & external support either undercover or in a fully cooperative manner.  Our worldwide partnership with SEALOC allows cruise ships the opportunity for the best in Ocean prepared Ultra 4K Sea Televisions & Satellite equipment that withstands the elements of sea salt and fully waterproof.  Hotels at Sea augments major sporting and other special events worldwide, especially where there is a lack of hotel space; docking our cruise ships at the events full time. We work in cooperation with other DMCs,  hosting governments,  CVBs & Tourism Authorities of the host country.   This is ideal for event sponsors, companies associated with events, large groups or enthusiast organizations involved in any major events to include but not limited to our expertise with the Olympics, Super Bowl, America’s Cup, World Cup, Corporate meetings & Conventions.  Hotels at Sea & Connoisseur Traveler are THE choice for safety, comfort and value.    Connoisseur Traveler is open by invitation only serving Groups & Luxury suite guests. 


From Government Relations, secured satellite data/internet communications, to marketing & special events, to pre-build & refit projects, we consult one on one with the cruise line industry to save you money and build consumer confidence & loyalty.

NEW!:  We have partnered exclusively with SEALOC, the worlds only television units that are 100% protected from seasalt to fully weatherproof units.  Ideal for all new cruise ship builds or when ready to go back into dry dock to replace worn out televisions.  Contact us to save your turnover/replacement costs today on your cruise ship.

Consulting services to the cruise line industry, event production, GR & Partial/Full Ship Charters





Celebrity EDGE: ​April 28, 2019:

Limited Suites & Groups only:  Special 15 night Tradewinds atlantic crossing


BY CELEBRITY, please contact us to book future dates for group suites or charters only.

Ritz Carlton Maiden Cruise + Superbowl package: Feb 4, 2020: Limited - Contact us

Virgin Maiden Voyage:  April 1, 2020

Charters & suite groups bookings open - Limited

Celebrity EDGE: ​2020:  Numerous specialty VIP group/suite sailings available starting April for the TA thru June 2020.

Olympics 2020 - Tokyo, Japan:

Last call for Full or Partial Charters