We also provide charter cruises at Sea for these major events or your private corporate cruise:

Cup Experience

America's Cup of Sailing Official Website


World Cup of Soccer

Super Bowl Official website

International Ryder Cup Official website

Hotels at Sea

About Hotels at Sea™:  Hotels at Sea™ is a certified global cruise ship charter company.  We are a Cruise line charter and a Cruise Ship Destination Management Company certified and awarded as an official travel partner at the highest levels, by the world's leading cruise lines.  Hotels at Sea™ augments major sporting and other special events worldwide, especially where there is a lack of hotel space; docking our cruise ships at the events full time. This is ideal for event sponsors, companies associated with events, large groups or enthusiast organizations involved in any major events to include but not limited to the Olympics, Super Bowl, America’s Cup, World Cup, Corporate meetings & Conventions.  Hotels at Sea is THE choice for safety, comfort and value.  

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